Harte Gold – Sweet Smell of the Sugar Zone | InvestorIntel

A New promising Gold Camp, being explored by harte gold, junior mine, soon to be a New Gold Producer!!

Mining Strategist Christopher Ecclestone writes: “Harte Gold is getting its ducks in a row to deliver production in 2016.”


The Dayohessarah Greenstone Belt is situated between two larger greenstone belts; the Hemlo Greenstone Belt to the west and the Kabinakagami Greenstone Belt to the east. The belt is approximately 36 km in length and varies in width from 1.5 to 5.5 km. Principal lithologies in the belt are moderately to highly deformed metamorphosed volcanics, volcanoclastics and sediments that have been enclosed and intruded by tonalitic to granodioritic quartz-porphyry plutons.

The Sugar Zone is defined by sets of parallel mineralized quartz veining, quartz flooding of strongly altered wallrock, thin intermediate porphyry lenses and dykes/sills parallel to stratigraphy and foliation, and gold mineralization.


Source: Harte Gold – Sweet Smell of the Sugar Zone | InvestorIntel